Last updated on Monday, 18 October, 2010 19:17

Welcome to Med-Nina

In honor of my dear sister Nina

In this website you will find informations regarding this disease and some of the perspectives about treatment methods, therapies, care, and also a sympathetic ear. If there's a message you want to leave out to the world, the reader interaction page will let you do so. If you want to get straight to the medical stuff, I suggest you start at the top and get some information on what it's all about. Though, you should feel free to browse the entirety of the site.

I'll try to keep it updated with the latest and greatest, and also, I believe I'll end up remaking the site entirely, sometime in the future, in order to provide a more integrated reading experience.

As for me, I hope this can help you deal with what you are going through, and rest assured the diagnostic is not a death sentence. It can be bad, but sometimes it's just another medical problem that sound medical care can resolve.

Best wishes, Leo.