Last updated on Monday, 29 November, 2010 18:07

Hopes and Wishes

For a better future

In one word, I wish for Happiness. Simple, but so many simple things are equally beautiful. I could wish for no one, man or pet, to ever get sick again, but Nature hates static balance. Rather, it prefers a dynamic balance, so it keeps everything floating along, and as such we are born, grow old, get sick, get strong, die, and fall in love. We should be happy for that. If time didn't flow, we, along with everything else, would be frozen. Immortal, but never alive. So, even if my heart hurts for losing my dear sister, I'm infinitely grateful that I met her, and I'm much happier after she came into my life, and I know I'll see her again.

What I wish for the future is what I wished for her. I wished she wouldn't suffer and that she was happy all the time. I wished that there would be a way to solve any problems she might have, without any harm to her. The hope I now have is that, as time goes by, the obstacles that looked insurmountable in her time, become nothing more that nuisances in the future. I hope we all learn how to treat the ones we care about better. Not only better, but the best that we can. I hope medical practice finally understands the mystery of cancer, even if there is no panacea. I hope we can treat everyone that needs healing, regardless of economic, spacial or temporal constraints.

The best notion of our values has to be the way we treat others, as we all judge others using our values as the ruler. The more difficult the situation, the better we can define our values. Dealing with living beings that cannot speak our language, cannot fully understand our way of being, do not share our physiology, and have the comparable intellect of a toddler, is indeed trying on us. And how we can help them to find happiness will reflect on us, as individuals and as a whole. Being at the top of the food chain, we are half way between atoms and stars. We have an unique place in the world, and we are fortunate to be here. If we want to take that step towards the stars, we can start by making our world as it is now, a better place for everyone. And the benefit to us will be a happier, less stressful existence.

I hope that we are in the upwards turn of the future, and that these curses that haunt us will fade. And that in the end we are left with a brighter day, more smiles and less (or no) tears. It was my parting wish to my sister, and it is with this wish I finish writing. I wish everyone a simple, beautiful, smile.