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Where can one find help

If you need help with finding therapy options

Well, if you have a pet with any illness of any kind, the first step is to go to a vet. Hopefully, it is the same vet that has been accompanying your pet since it has become part of your family. It is through them you will be given a diagnosis, and they will be the first to indicate a possible treatment option. After a positive fibrosarcoma diagnosis, your vet will help you consider the several alternatives, and you should trust your vet, but also, keep your mind sharp. Some veterinary doctors are not experienced with this tumor and may not be aware of all the options, so the more you know the better you can work together. It is your pet's health at risk here, not who is right or wrong. If you are not satisfied with your vet, you can and should go for a second opinion. The best place to do so, instead of another private practitioner, is your closest veterinary university. Not only are they aware of most diseases, they are also prepared for many different types of treatment. In particular, if you want to try a more cutting edge therapy like electrochemotherapy, unless you are very lucky, you can only hope to find it in a university. I didn't have such luck (although more recently that same treatment has been made available for humans with stage 4 melanoma at the Portuguese Institute for Oncology), but I'll leave here a few links with places known to have electrochemotherapy treatment available for pets. If you want to find more, Wikipedia claims the existence of many such facilities in many countries, but I couldn't find them through the mentioned article. It's free to read though so you may have better luck than me. You can also try and ask Dr. Enrico Spugnini. He basically help make electrochemotherapy real so he may know of many unpublicized places. Well, good luck!

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